Bretagne fantastique

Medieval grotesqueries from Brittany, France. Photographs of European sculptures by Veven. Copyrighted material. Published with authorization. Sequence and captions by Mariano Akerman. Educational purposes exclusively.

Bird-shaped gargoyle protuding from a Catholic church

Corbel with winged demons holding a couple of lovers

Corbel with the avaricious man captured by Satan

Corbel with two hybrids fighting for a frog

Corbel with a contortionist

Corbel with monstrous drinker

Gargoyles protuding from the church

Wolf-shaped gargoyle

Grinning monster-shaped gargoyle

Gargoyles protuding from the church

Dragon-shaped gargoyle

Monkey eating a banana

Two-headed mastiff gargoyle

A curious man

The court-fool

Comment by Gerard Rixhon, 5.12.2008. Hi, Mariano! It's nice to hear from you. This morning I am happy to find the beautiful pictures you took in Brittany. The gargoyles and related sculptures are so interesting and expressive that one wonders why they are not better known. Maybe it is because they are somewhat dwarfed by the rest of the surrounding architecture and human statues. We owe it to you to share with us your own discovery. Thank you. A warm hello from Pasig. We look forward to seeing you. Take care, Gerry.
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