All Together Now

Timothy Jacob Fuller. Character animator artist from Los Angeles, USA. Three works, circa 2008

The Yellow Bull is a picture dedicated to Franz Marc, distinguished member of The Blue Rider avant-garde group and author of the much celebrated Yellow Cow. The interest in the figure, its muscularity and dynamism, together with the arena-like compositional setting of Fuller's picture are also reminiscent of the imagery developed by Francis Bacon from the 1960s onwards.

Interesting distortions characterize this dynamic group of animals entitled Horse Crash.

Given the Fuller's use of distortion combined with disproportion, it is almost impossible differentiate man from horse[s?] in this statuette. And this difficulty is even reinforced by the fact that the artist has used the very same flesh-like color to paint both man and horse[s?].

Viewed from another angle, this fascinating image is even more paradoxical. A remarkable and most ambiguous structure celebrating some sort of all-togetherness-now.
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